NEW SEASON – Firsts sail to the top of the league in new campaign.

Tiptree Engaine state their title intent with an 8:1 thrashing of Gas Recreation Reserves away.

After another 57 year long preseason, Tiptree Engaine started the new campaign knowing their team, players and with match fitness raring to go.

Pomphrett and Runicles set out a 4-3-3 with Goodyear in a roaming role going where he pleased.

The gamer started evenly with both teams holding possession for period’s but it was Gas who broke the deadlock first. Quinney made his one comedy error of the season passing across his own box to Gas Firkins who got a shot away eventually into the bottom left hand corner. In hindsight this was probably a mistake for Gas as Engaine equalised within the minute. The ball was passed to Webster at left back from the kick off who slotted Galvin through who hit a thunderbolt of a shot at the young Gas keeper. He tried to stop it but the force of the shot was too much and it flew in the net.

At 1:1 both teams were still in it however Runicles barged from behind as he controlled a ball in the box led to the first penalty of the game. He calmly took his run-up, waited for the keeper to move and slotted the ball into the empty side of the net. Tiptree added a third before half time as Galvin severely overhit a through ball so well it creeped into the bottom corner. Before the break Tiptree stepped up a few gears and began controlling the possession and looking dangerous going forward however the half time break came at the worst time.
As the second half started Tiptree gave away a penalty early doors. Aves was judged to have tripped the striker in the box. Wilson stepped up for Gas and this was the moment the game could have turned however luckily he blasted the ball miles over the bar. This was the last moment Gas had in the game and it was all Tiptree thereafter.
Galvin picked up his hat trick after finding himself unmarked in the danger area edge of the 6 yard box from a Runicles corner. He crouched to head the ball into the centre of the net.

Runicles got his 2nd after an excellent through ball from Hart. He ran in and bent his shot around the keeper with the outside of the foot. Very tidy finish.
Quinney was relaxed at this point flicking the ball over players heads and dribbling at will. Tyler Rogers was pinging balls left right and centre whilst Hart, Harry Runicles, Goodyear and Szmodics were controlling everything in the middle.
Runicles added a 3rd from the spot again after Gas gave away another penalty. Fitton went for a high ball studs up and managed to get all 10 studs properly scraped down Quinneys chest and neck. A truly horrific challenge. Runicles blasted this penalty into the net for his 3rd of the game and made way for Pomphrett.

Other changes made were Webster off for Michael Anderson and Ryan Hart making way for Gemmell.

Pomphrett scored with his first touch of the game, jogging upfront for a throw from Galvin which he back headed into the net from the edge of the 6 yard box.

Galvin got his 4th and the 8th of the game after charging though the right and shooting low into the bottom left.

All in all a vert comfortable victory however the scoreline does flatter us somewhat. Gas were very much in this game for 50 or so minutes and were it not for some defensive mistakes the scoreline could have been very different. Credit to them and we look forward to the return fixture.

As for Engaine it was an emphatic statement to the league and hopefully the start of a very successful season. More importantly no yellow cards. Tiptree Engaine somehow in with a shot of retaining the Fair Play award they in no way earned however still inherited last season!

The day was of course celebrated that night with a very colourful shirt night.